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Co-Creative Healing refers to the partnership a client develops with a practitioner, for the purpose of healing illness or injury, and maintaining health and well-being.
Disharmony is common within the complex, multidimensional system that makes up the human being, and this can manifest as physical, spiritual, and emotional issues. Co-Creative Healing uses the alternative healing techniques of Five Elements Acupressure and Cranio-Sacral Therapy to resolve health concerns at their source and enc

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Co-Creative Healing offers specialized services for the following:
Children, babies and newborns
Pregnant women
Couples trying to conceive
Chronic medical conditions
People recovering from trauma
Acute injuries (once medically cleared)
Acute and chronic emotional conditions such as grief, anxiety, or depression
Individual Co-Creative Healing sessions are available in central Edmonton, AB, or at your location.

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Edmonton, AB

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(780) 499-2329

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  • Alternative Health Care

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