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Occupational Alcohol and Drug Testing. Our certified Technicians conduct; Breath Alcohol screening, confirmations and lab confirmation, Urine POCT/Express screening and lab confirmations, Oral Fluid screening and lab confirmations, Hair Follicle and Paternity testing. Our high industry standards are in compliance with US DOT (Department of Transportation) and our Accredited MRO (Medical Review Officer) is second to none. We are available in office and mobile to meet your testing requirements.

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We strongly believe in recovery from substance abuse and can provide referrals for Substance Abuse Professionals. We are non bias as addiction has no race and can affect anyone. Testing is a great tool for prevention of overdosing and provides the knowledge for prescribing Doctors to assess clients and assists in Treatment Plans and Goals for Clients. "Life is a Journey not your Destination".

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4803 51 Ave
Wetaskiwin, AB
T9A 0T8
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(403) 896-1814

Services Offered

  • Health and Safety
  • Occupational Alcohol and Drug Testing (Urine/ Saliva POCT and Lab Testing and Confirmations
  • Occupational Health

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