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Blackstone Pipeline & Environmental Solutions Inc.
Blackstone Pipeline & Environmental Solutions Inc.

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Blackstone Pipeline and Environmental Solutions is an industry leader in pipeline and integrity work. We provide custom engineered solutions using cutting edge technology to offer critical services for pipeline maintenance, industrial cleaning and abandonment. We believe in giving our customers peace of mind for what they value most. Through a safe engineering plan developed by experienced personnel and utilizing reliable equipment, we deliver quality cleaning, pumping and nitrogen solutions.

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HE Leak Testing, Lube Oil Flushing, Hydro Testing, Line Drying & Pad, Line Pickling, Mechanical Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning, Blended Chemicals, Laboratory Analysis, Engineering Support, Foam Cleaning, Orbital Jet cleaning, Conco System Exchangers & Condenser Tube ID, Mobile Bundle Cleaning, Vapour Phase Chemical Cleaning, Nitrogen & Fluid Pumping, Hydro-drilling, Abandonment, Project Management

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2240 Premier Way
Sherwood Park, AB
T8H 2L2
Primary Business Location
(403) 921-3298
Shop Location: 1101 16 Ave Building B
Nisku , AB
T9E 0A8
(178) 097-9302

Services Offered

  • pipe line install
  • pipe line maintenance
  • Project Management
  • HE Leak Testing
  • Lube Oil Flushing
  • Hydro Testing
  • Line Drying & Pad
  • Line Pickling
  • Mechanical Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Blended Chemicals
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Engineering Support
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Orbital Jet cleaning
  • Conco System Exchangers & Condenser Tube ID
  • Mobile Bundle Cleaning
  • Vapour Phase Chemical Cleaning
  • Nitrogen & Fluid Pumping
  • Hydro-drilling
  • Abandonment

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